About IMG technology and its applications

The IMG (In-Mold Graining) process, together with negative embossing using porous and surface-textured nickel tools, offers an economical alternative to ensure optimal reproduction of the desired structures. IMG tools are therefore ideally used in the processing of non-grained foils for the production of e.g. instrument panels, door panels and for vehicle interiors.

Process advantages:

  • Forming or lamination without grain extraction
  • Optimal quality in structure rendering
  • Introduction of different grain zones on one component
About CDM-TECH and IMG technology
As the only IMG technology provider in China, CDM-TECH is constantly working to further develop and optimize core IMG technologies. CDM-TECH has applied for a patent for porous nickel shell technology (IMG) and has successfully established the production of IMG nickel shell tools in China. Compared to conventional IMG technology, CDM-TECH has optimized some processes in the production of IMG nickel shell tools and saves considerable production time and costs.
Advantages for the customer by using CDM-TECH IMG nickel shell tools
  • 40% savings in tool costs on average
  • 75 days delivery time instead of 180 days for imported IMG tools
  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Free post-sale maintenance
Production of CDM-TECH IMG nickel shell tools
Reference customers of CDM-TECH IMG nickel shell tools
Model:JMC Ford Territory
Model:Hyundai Motor ix35
Model:FAW Jiefang

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