Company Introduction

CDM-TECH is the first Chinese company to specialize in in-mold graining (IMG) technology and nickel shell tooling solutions. Until now, 100% of IMG and nickel shell tools had to be imported into China, but this has now changed thanks to CDM-TECH! The products are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Through the continuous research and development and support of the German technical expert team, cdm-tech has become a manufacturing enterprise with the ability to deliver img molds within 75 days, ranking first in the world.

CDM-TECH offers you a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for nickel shell tools - everything from a single source, from tool design to tool manufacture, commissioning and tool repair and optimization. We are the first manufacturer in China to offer IMG technology and nickel shell tools at all. At the same time, CDM-TECH is actively involved in the global synchronous development of intelligent surfaces for interiors in the automotive sector.

CDM-TECH, the first Chinese nickel shell tool provider with German know-how!

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